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2018, the price of lithium iron and acid increased by 25.9%, reaching five yuan and 158 thousand yuan per ton.

In March, the policy profit was frequent, while the lithium price remained stable. By the end of March, the battery grade lithium carbonate was quoted 15.3-16 million yuan / ton, the average price of the market was 158 thousand yuan / ton, the average monthly price was 158 thousand and 600 yuan / ton, which increased by 22.5%, and the ring ratio rose by 0.25%.

1. spring warm, price recovery and maintain a steady trend

In the first quarter of 2018, the lithium price was running high. Before the lunar new year, due to the inventory shortage of downstream battery companies, the demand is weak, and the price of lithium is decreasing. And most of the downstream manufacturers have not stockpile enough stock before the year, and because of the little spot on the holiday market in the Spring Festival, a few of the lithium salt manufacturers that have not stopped working indicated that the market began to appear in short supply, and the price of lithium is also quietly recovering with the spring temperature. In March, the policy profit was frequent, while the lithium price remained stable. By the end of March, the battery grade lithium carbonate was quoted 15.3-16 million yuan / ton, the average price of the market was 158 thousand yuan / ton, the average monthly price was 158 thousand and 600 yuan / ton, which increased by 22.5%, and the ring ratio rose by 0.25%.

In the first quarter of 2018, the average price of battery grade lithium carbonate was 160484, up 25.9% last year.

2. lithium salt needs strong support

According to the data released by the China Auto Industry Association, 39230 and 34420 new energy vehicles were sold in February 2018, respectively, up 119.1% and 95.2% respectively.

2018 is the transformation year of new energy vehicle growth momentum from the restriction and subsidy policy to market driven transformation. In February, the entry-level A00 electric vehicle after the new subsidy policy was faced with the danger of substantial reduction in subsidies. Therefore, car companies still have the power to grab A00 class cars in February. In February, the proportion of A00 grade pure electric vehicles reached 86%, which is also a reflection of the subsidy adjustment and the relatively high subsidy in the transition period.

The fiscal subsidy policy of adjusting and improving the promotion and application of new energy vehicles was issued in February 13th to maximize the efficiency of the new energy auto industry, enhance the core competitiveness and realize the development of high quality. Among them, the policy will vigorously support the fuel cell vehicles, encourage the development of pure electricity and plug and mix high-end passenger cars, and further improve the energy density threshold requirements of pure electric passenger vehicles; with the introduction of the new subsidy policy, high performance vehicles will gradually push to the market, and the short new energy vehicles will be gradually eliminated. In fact, new energy vehicle promotion, or the promotion of the core competitiveness of the enterprise, the new policy embodies a good promotion effect. In 2018, the new energy vehicle subsidy implementation subsection subsidy policy has realized the effective continuity of the supply and demand of new energy vehicles.

This year our country will continue to support new energy vehicles from the policy side and support new energy vehicles, including encouraging local support for the purchase and convenience of new energy vehicles. The advantages of new energy vehicles are accumulated in many ways, which are characterized by large market demand, industrial policy support and industrial cluster formation. At present, it is an important opportunity for the transformation and upgrading of China's auto industry, the realization of a leap in development and the opportunity to seize the opportunity. The global new energy vehicles are all waiting for a major breakthrough in battery technology. China's new energy auto industry has benefited from the huge market demand and the promotion of policy. It has a unique development advantage and is expected to become the "change of the automobile industry". A model for overtaking. It is expected that the annual production and sales of new energy vehicles will increase significantly this year, and also provide strong support for the market demand of lithium.

3. supply side expansion, cooperation, acquisition and other news

Before and after the Spring Festival, in addition to some Saline Lake enterprises due to seasonal factors to stop production, most of the domestic mineral lithium enterprises basically maintain production, however, the market is still in short supply after the Spring Festival, the spot is less, the order is sufficient. In the past month, there are frequent news about expansion, cooperation and new entry of domestic and foreign enterprises.

Saline Lake BYD 30 thousand tons and blue chip lithium industry 20 thousand tons lithium carbonate project started.

Qinghai Saline Lake BYD Development Co., Ltd. 30 thousand tons of battery grade lithium carbonate project, Qinghai Saline Lake Buddha LAN Ke Li company 20 thousand tons battery level lithium carbonate project started. The total capacity of the two lithium carbonate projects in Saline Lake and the lithium industry of the Saline Lake is up to 50 thousand tons, and the investment is nearly 8 billion yuan. The construction period is expected to be about 1 and a half years. In addition, the original 10 thousand tons of lithium carbonate capacity in the lithium industry of the blue branch will be produced, and the capacity of the Saline Lake shares of lithium carbonate will reach 60 thousand tons annually.

Ganfeng lithium add an annual output of 20 thousand tons of lithium hydroxide project after the completion of the Spring Festival

The annual output of 20 thousand tons of lithium hydroxide will be built and put into operation after the Spring Festival. The annual output will be 17 thousand and 500 tons. The battery grade lithium carbonate will be put into operation in the second half of this year. In terms of capacity, the production capacity of the battery grade lithium carbonate is 15 thousand tons / a year, the lithium hydroxide production capacity is 10 thousand tons per year. The new lithium hydroxide production line of 20 thousand tons is expected to be put into production after the Spring Festival in 2018, and 17 thousand and 500 tons of battery grade lithium carbonate production line is expected to be put into production in the three quarter of 2018.

Trillion new shares to 500 million yuan to acquire Shanghai lithium 80% remaining equity.

Mega new stock is going to purchase the remaining 80% stake in Shanghai lithium by issuing shares and / or paying cash, and the transaction amount will be 500 million yuan. After the completion of the equity purchase, the company will own a 100% stake in Shanghai lithium. After a series of investment and resources integration, the new energy business of the company has added the development and application of Saline Lake lithium resources and lithium deep processing products.

Burwill holdings signed a cooperation agreement in the long-term lithium branch

The full subsidiary BCL of Bao Wei holding company has signed a strategic agreement with the long-term lithium-ion branch of China Minmetals Group, which will cooperate in the development of the new energy materials industry chain. The company's joint venture, Jiangxi Bao Jiang Lithium Industry Co., Ltd. will provide long-term and stable lithium carbonate and lithium hydroxide products for long-term lithium-ion department to match the expansion of its positive material.


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