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Doublepow 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show has achieved fruitful results

The 2018 Hong Kong Autumn Electronics Show closed successfully yesterday. The company's main exhibits of the multi-brand brand received a gratifying result at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair. By the end of the exhibition, the transaction of 4 million US dollars was completed, and the intention contract was nearly 1 million US dollars. At the spring exhibition at the beginning of the year, major products such as batteries and Chargers were on display at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair, in order to expand the foreign market. Because the products are relatively single and the competition in the competing products market is fierce, although the products have certain gains at the exhibition, there is still a long way to go from the target.

In addition to carrying multiple rechargeable batteries, Chargers, mini FANs, hand warmers, hubs, mini humidifiers and other new products, this autumn showcase electronics has its cute appearance, good user experience and outstanding products. Factors such as quality have attracted the attention and order of several new market users in Africa, South America and Australia. In the overseas market, there are also distributors in seven countries and regions, including Arab, New Zealand, Argentina, South Africa and other countries.

In 2018, as the first year of the reform of the multi-brand brand, the electronic products in the mid-year summary meeting established a new development direction dedicated to the creation of 3C digital home appliance brands. The multiple brands are not satisfied with the outbreak of the battery single industry, and in the future Based on the long-term development of multi-product lines.


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