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Customized standards will promote the development of waste power battery recycling

Recently, the national chemical waste disposal standardization technical committee (hereinafter referred to as "the committee") of 2018 panel in guangdong shenzhen meeting successfully, led by the chemical waste disposal standard council, guangdong bang's circulation technology co., LTD., leader of the national chemical waste disposal units standardization technical committee disposal waste battery chemicals group (SAC/TC 294 / WG 1) conference held on the same day they are smoothly, too.
Waste battery chemicals disposal work founded in September 2013, shall be borne by the guangdong state general circulation technology co., LTD. Leader of the unit, by making waste battery in the field of chemical disposal national standards and industry standards, promote comprehensive utilization of waste treatment and disposal of chemical battery and, accelerate the standardization of related areas; Through the implementation of the standards in line with the national policy requirements for the development of renewable resources industry, comply with and standardize the development of waste battery recycling industry, and guide the technical research and development of recycling industry.
New energy automobile industry is China's national strategic emerging industry, is the "thirteenth five-year" government industry support development focus, carrying China's automobile industry to achieve the "car power" to "car power" important mission. Now, the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry has stirred up the whole industrial chain upstream and downstream industry "a pool of spring water". As the power source of new energy vehicles, the power battery is the highland for numerous enterprises, large and small. The surge of the new energy automobile industry also brings people's attention to the last link of the whole life cycle of power battery -- the field of waste power battery recycling.
By 2017, the number of electric bikes in China has reached 250 million, and 2.2 million new energy vehicles, showing a trend of rapid growth. It is estimated that by 2020, China's cumulative scrap of power batteries will reach 120,000 to 170,000 tons, and the retired lithium batteries of new energy vehicles will be about 50GWh.
In view of the huge scrap of power batteries, the government and relevant enterprises have made countermeasures.
Relevant departments of the state have issued relevant documents to standardize the development of power battery recycling: interim measures on the management of the recycling and utilization of new energy automobile power battery was issued to strengthen the management of the recycling and utilization of new energy automobile power battery; Notice on the organization of new energy vehicle power battery recycling pilot work issued, further implement the "new energy vehicle power battery recycling management interim measures", promote the recovery and utilization system construction; The interim provisions on traceability management of the recovery and utilization of new energy automobile power battery (draft for soliciting opinions) is for public consultation, aiming at strengthening the traceability management of the recovery and utilization of new energy automobile power battery, standardizing and guiding all relevant parties to perform traceability management responsibilities.
Many battery recycling enterprises have accelerated the layout, joined the standard formulation team, improve the formulation of relevant standards for power batteries, and help improve the orderly recycling of waste batteries.
Waste power battery treatment and disposal involves product manufacturers, circulation fields, the majority of users and every family in society, with a wide range of products, varieties, large quantities, recycling is difficult to use and other characteristics. The establishment of the waste battery chemical treatment and disposal working group of the national technical committee for the disposal of waste chemicals of standardization administration of China aims at solving these problems, strengthening the prevention and control of battery product pollution, and protecting and improving China's ecological environment. To establish a sound system and standard for the recovery of waste batteries; To develop a battery recycling process suitable for China's national conditions and promote the optimization and improvement of waste battery recycling technology; Promote the disposal and comprehensive utilization of waste battery chemicals.
"The renewable resource industry is known as the 'fourth industry' in developed countries. The disposal and disposal of waste chemicals is a project to protect the ecological environment and rationally use resources, and its ultimate goal is to achieve energy conservation, emission reduction and recycling economy of the industry." The power battery still has huge energy after its life, and there are a lot of valuable resources in it. How to fully explore its value and make good use of limited resources remains to be jointly explored by the whole industry.


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