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Apple is studying new batteries to solve the problem of endurance

Cell phone renewal has been the biggest pain for smartphones today. It is important to know that in the time of the mobile phone, the cell phone is at least 3 days or more, usually in a week or even two or three weeks. But now the screen, hardware and user stickiness are much higher than before.

Apple was faced with a number of lawsuits last year because of the decline in the speed door, which was caused by the decline of cell phone battery capacity.

I don't know if this is why Apple has stepped up the development of battery technology. According to the news from foreign media, Apple has just submitted a patent technology, which is aimed at fuel cell. They intend to use a special interface to allow computing devices to control the multiple operations of fuel cells, which allows fuel cells to be used on a iPhone cell phone or on a iPad tablet.

Fuel cell does not need to recharge, and can provide electricity only by adding fuel. However, whether fuel is added to mobile terminals is unclear.

In addition, Apple has also prepared a patented technology called laminar battery system, which is based on lithium batteries that can provide more batteries with higher capacity and higher energy density, so that the speed and charging speed of the battery can be improved to solve the problem of the shortage of the existing lithium battery.

But the development of battery technology to commercialization is a long way to go. It is not clear how iPhone will solve the battery problem in the future, but because the problem is imminent, it is a priority to all cell phone manufacturers and supply chain.


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