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Huawei mate20 Pro black technology, how to do reverse charging?

After a long wait, four new models of huawei Mate 20 series finally appeared recently. In addition to being equipped with huawei's new kirin 980, the world's first 7-nanometer chip, leica tri-camera, the strongest communication baseband, the fastest WIFI, ultra-fast charging and graphene + water cooling technology, huawei has officially applied graphene chip liquid cooling system into mobile phones for the first time.
In addition to these powerful technical support to let apple samsung completely dumbfounded, huawei has also thrown a series of black science and technology, wireless computer, identify all, 3 d modeling, screen of the fingerprint, reverse charging, etc., so, in all the curious huawei Mate 20 speed and reverse battery technology, mobile phone quick charge and reverse charge is how to do it? Below, OFweek lithium power grid in the article for everyone to come.
What about huawei's ultra-fast charging technology?
As mobile phones play an increasingly important role in daily life, the battery life of mobile phones plays an increasingly important role in daily use experience. Just like electric cars, mobile phones with strong endurance and fast charging speed are increasingly favored by people.
According to a foreign testing center, horizontal tests were carried out on eight kinds of Quick Charge technologies in the market, including qualcomm Quick Charge, huawei Super Charge and Dash Charge. In the end, huawei's Super Charge scheme takes the least time to Charge from 0% to 100%, and its charging efficiency is also ahead of its competitors. However, huawei is not satisfied with its existing super-fast charging technology.
The Mate 20 Pro comes with a 4200mAh battery, a 40W wired super fast charge and a 15W wireless fast charge. With a 15W wireless quick charge, the Mate 20 Pro can charge twice as fast as the iPhone XS, and with a 40W adapter, it can charge 70% of the phone in 30 minutes.
Early in the national quality certification center of public information, huawei has a model hw-100400c00 power adapter has passed 3C certification. The adaptor is manufactured by atap electronics and has a maximum output specification of 10V/4A at an altitude of 5,000 meters and below. This means the Charger will have a maximum charging power of up to 40W, and the technology is used for the Mate 20's extreme speed charging.
As we all know, the glory Magic released at the end of 2016 is equipped with 5V/8A quick charging technology, and the total charging time is only about 45 minutes. Huawei's newly revealed super fast charging adapter can also reach the 40W charging specification, which has left apple and samsung behind. More specifically, Mate 20 Pro also supports reverse wireless charging, so how does the reverse charging technology work?
How do you reverse charge your phone?
In addition to ultra-fast charging, among the black technologies brought by huawei, reverse wireless charging is undoubtedly the most interesting among many new technologies.
What kind of technology is reverse charging, as mysterious as it sounds? In fact, when the mobile phone is connected to other devices, it is the process of switching to mobile power supply for discharging and charging other electronic devices. At this time, the mobile phone is also transformed into a charging treasure. When the mobile phone with reverse charging function detects that the OTG device supporting data exchange between devices is inserted, then the mobile phone outputs voltage to the VBUS on the USB data line and prompts for reverse charging. However, if the super power saving mode is turned on, the reverse charging function will be disabled.
As can be seen from the demonstration of Mate 20 Pro release conference, after setting up the wireless reverse charging function, it becomes a wireless Charger. If the phone supports Qi wireless standard charging, it will start charging upon direct contact. Although no one usually charges this way, this feature is very effective when it comes to critical moments, and currently only Mate 20 Pro supports this feature.
Of course, Mate 20 Pro can do this because it has the support of fast charging! This is not the first time that the "quack rescue" reverse charging technology has appeared on huawei phones.
In fact, xiaomi MAX3 and gionee M5 also support reverse charging technology. In July this year, xiaomi Max3 upgraded the reverse charging function of the previous generation Max 2. The charging specification was upgraded to 5V/ 1.2a, which has twice the reverse charging performance of the previous generation and can be used for quick charging of other electronic devices. Smartisan's nuts pro, which plugs into an OTG cable through the type-c interface for reverse charging and is compatible with both iphone and android phones, claims to be able to fully charge an iphone7 with 17% of the battery left.
After listening to these, do you think reverse charging technology is not so mysterious? However, technology is always easier said than done. Basic all mobile phone support OTG combines power function can let U disk and peripheral products to work properly, but if you want to make mobile phones support OTG reverse to other mobile phone charging, so these carry the OTG power supply of mobile phone also need to carry a 5 v booster module, the module in which ACTS as a key role, it can keep the cell phone reverse charge function.
So, do you need a phone with a large battery to do this? Not exactly. There is no direct correlation between the size of the battery capacity and whether it supports reverse charging. However, even the battery life of a mobile phone with small battery capacity cannot be guaranteed, so how can it shoulder the responsibility of helping other mobile phones to charge in reverse? Therefore, the reverse charging function is mainly used for emergency use in most cases, but it is also a trend of future functions.


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