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Solid aluminum ion battery development, or alternative lithium ion battery

The growing demand for batteries in electric cars (cars, buses, trucks) for private, public and commercial transport has led to the development of aluminium ion batteries to meet the demand. However, electric vehicles require a large amount of electricity to operate normally, which puts a high demand on batteries. As a result, batteries must be able to conduct rapid and violent electrochemical reactions to drive external power (such as motors and electronic devices). But such reactions, in turn, can put a lot of mechanical and thermal stress on the battery. Current battery technology USES liquid as an electrolyte, a medium that helps transfer ions from one electrode to another, but the electrolyte is made of organic molecules that burn and evaporate easily. As a result, ev batteries result from a higher safety risk of explosion, fire, exhaust, or failure.

According to foreign media reports, Hosein Research Group of Syracuse University in the United States has developed a new solid electrolyte that can replace the liquid electrolyte in the current aluminum ion battery and meet high demand applications such as automobiles. The electrolyte consists of a very soft polymer and a very hard epoxy resin. The polymer also allows the aluminum ions to penetrate, while the epoxy resin provides thermal stability and durability. The polymer is converted into an aluminum ion electrolyte by dissolving an aluminum salt, such as aluminum nitrate, into a polymer matrix.

Hussain's team is currently working on an all-solid-state aluminium ion battery, which has all its components in solid state, including electrolytes, and will help bring it to high-demand applications such as cars.

Aluminum ion battery is a promising next generation battery technology, which can meet the future energy transmission needs. It has the same structure as lithium ion, but lithium is replaced by aluminum. Aluminium is the third most abundant element in the earth's crust and a cheap alternative to lithium. Batteries made of aluminum have the highest voltage, can store the most energy and provide the highest current, have four times the storage capacity of lithium-ion batteries, and carry three times the charge of lithium-ion batteries.

And lithium is only 0 percent of the earth's crust. At 7%, concerns are growing about the ability of lithium-ion batteries to meet growing global demand, and rising costs and high scarcity are forcing people to look for and develop more viable alternatives. Aluminum ion batteries could be the next generation of storage technology in the post-lithium ion era.


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