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Soft package power battery market outbreak, how long will the price of aluminum plastic film?

Statistics from the power battery application branch show that the number of soft-pack power batteries installed in China from January to November this year is 5. 56GWh, accounting for 12 percent of the total installed capacity. Seventy-four percent of the cells are square, with 32. The 67GWh load ratio is 74. 93%, still dominant. However, driven by the goals of long range, high safety and lightweight of new energy vehicles, some analysts pointed out that soft-pack power batteries are expected to become the main force of new energy passenger vehicles in the future.

High energy density, good cycle performance, high safety, can do special-shaped design so that the car design has more choice space, set a variety of advantages in a soft pack battery, market share is less than 20%. Behind the refraction is the flexible package battery scale production difficult problem.

According to the battery China network understand, soft package power battery key material -- power battery with aluminum plastic film, so far still has not achieved the core technology autonomy, leading to the key material is heavily dependent on imports, high cost, insufficient scale, also become an important factor restricting the domestic soft package power battery large-scale application.

One last key material for lithium batteries to break through

What is aluminum film? The aluminum plastic film is composed of five layers, including the outer layer of nylon, adhesive, the middle layer of aluminum foil, adhesive, and the inner layer of heat sealing layer. Each layer has high functional requirements. It is currently recognized as a link with high technical difficulties in the field of lithium battery materials, and it is also the last key material in the field of power batteries in China that needs to be localized.

Due to the strict requirements in barrier, cold stamping, puncture resistance, chemical stability and insulation, the production technical barriers of aluminum plastic film is very high, and its technical difficulty exceeds the anode, cathode, diaphragm, electrolyte, which is known as one of the three major technical problems in the lithium battery industry. The core of the current aluminum composite membrane technology in the hands of a handful of companies in Japan, including big Japanese printing co., LTD (DNP) and the Japan showa denko occupies the 70% of the world's market share, followed by Japan letterpress printing co., LTD (by domestic new nylon technology mergers and acquisitions), chemical Han Guoli village, four companies control the global market share close to 90% of the aluminum-plastic film. At present, the domestic market share of the independently developed and produced aluminum plastic film in China is less than 10%, and the rest is basically imported from Japan.

In recent years, domestic aluminum plastic film enterprises are constantly improving and updating in materials, technology, equipment and other aspects, product quality, consistency and electrolyte resistance properties have been improved. At the same time, it has the advantage of localized production. The price difference between domestic and foreign aluminum-plastic membrane is about 20%-30%. With the advantage of cost performance, domestic aluminum-plastic membrane has basically entered the supply chain of low-end consumer electronics batteries and gradually introduced into the market of high-end consumer electronics batteries. However, it should not be neglected that in the field of higher-end new energy vehicles and energy storage, the products and technologies of aluminum plastic film for lithium battery for power batteries are still monopolized by Japanese manufacturers.

Have the analysis of the person inside course of study to point out, manufacturer of film of partial aluminous model still is some of a few index to be able to achieve big Japan to print now (DNP) specification, but be like to be able to bear or endure electrolyte performance and strong deep performance do not pass, domestic strong deep is in 5mm left and right sides, abroad is in 8mm, even amount to 12mm, still have certain difference with abroad on the whole. Of course, in addition to technology, production process, raw materials, equipment and so on also affect the domestic aluminum plastic film technology temporarily difficult to make a major breakthrough. A variety of factors, the domestic aluminum plastic film in the high-end consumer and power battery applications progress.

High gross margin drives domestic enterprises to make efforts one after another

The lack of core technology and the dependence on imports of key components result in the high cost composition of aluminum plastic film in flexible battery. The cost structure of soft-pack lithium battery can be found that the cost of aluminum plastic film is second only to the first anode material, accounting for 18%, its gross profit rate of 60-80%, significantly higher than other lithium battery materials.

Driven by the high gross margin and the new energy passenger car market driven by the volume of soft-pack power batteries, and thus driving the demand for aluminum plastic film is also considerable. Domestic enterprises have also accelerated the layout, hoping to achieve the autonomy of aluminum and plastic film technology and production capacity. At present, some domestic enterprises control key technologies through the acquisition of Japanese aluminum and plastic film enterprises and enter the field of aluminum and plastic film for power batteries.

On the other hand, through the acquisition of Japanese aluminum and plastic film enterprises or technologies, the company quickly enters the domestic aluminum and plastic film field of power batteries. In addition, it also obtains the right to use relevant patents and proprietary technologies in China.

Soft pack battery market growth accelerated aluminum plastic film supply situation to break through

According to the data, the penetration rate of soft-pack battery in the field of consumer electronics has reached nearly 70% due to its advantages in energy density, cycle life and safety. But it has a market share of less than 13%, according to the power battery applications chapter. The personage inside course of study points out that the present stage accounted for rectangular and cylindrical battery current mainstream market, mainly in China at the beginning of the new energy cars, focusing on the special automobile, bus, but with the rise of new energy passenger car market, in the pursuit of high security, long range and models the personalized design, soft package cell permeability in the field of power battery is expected to rise to 40% or more in the future.

To see the broad prospects of soft-pack power batteries in the passenger car market, the global power battery leader, which mainly produces square power batteries, also joined the ranks of soft-pack batteries this year. It is expected that with the full withdrawal of subsidies, more power battery companies will join the soft-pack battery production in the future under the market dominated by new energy passenger vehicles.

On the one hand, the rapid expansion of the production capacity of soft-pack power batteries has led to the rapid growth of the demand for aluminum plastic film for power batteries. On the other hand, the domestic high-end aluminum plastic film production capacity is seriously insufficient. Like other products, the large-scale production advantage of lithium battery aluminum plastic film products is also very obvious, and the cost decreases after the production increases. Some enterprises also said that for the company's strategic customers, the company will generally give ladder quotation according to the purchase amount, but the purchase amount remains unchanged, there is no room for price reduction. Does this also reflect the current domestic aluminum film market lack of adequate competition? The reason for the lack of competition is still the core technology of aluminum plastic film, domestic enterprises still need to continue to breakthrough. We also believe that the aluminum-plastic film market, like other lithium electric material markets, will eventually achieve core technology autonomy and key materials localization based on the rapid development of the power battery industry, which will support the healthy development of new energy passenger cars and contribute to the cost reduction.


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