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Lithium battery industry chain enterprises under great pressure, performance shows polarization

According to statistics, there have been 36 lithium battery enterprises that have disclosed the forecast of 2017 annual performance, and 30 companies have reported good news, accounting for more than 80% of the total. Among them, 13 companies whose profit growth limit exceeds 100% account for more than one-third of the forecast number. But there are also enterprises in 2017 in the fierce competition performance pre-loss, lithium battery industry chain enterprise performance differentiation is serious.

It is reported that, by the new energy vehicle subsidy standard slope, the subsidy standard is expected to be strict and other policy factors, most of the lithium battery enterprises facing the dilemma of "squeeze from the top down" life seems to be a little bitter. This is mainly reflected in two aspects: first, the year-on-year growth of corporate net profit is low. Second, chengfei integration and other enterprises net profit year-on-year decline.

And in the battle of upstream mineral resources, the company annual report performance is very different: the same layout of salt lake lithium, salt lake shares and other three companies are happy and sad. Some enterprises adapt to the change of market demand in various fields through technological innovation and achieve steady growth in various fields, with net profit of RMB 86 million to RMB 100 million. The net profit of a new star in the lithium industry was 1.3 billion yuan to 1.5 billion yuan. However, due to the long construction period, large investment and the fact that the product cost price is higher than the market price of some projects, the net loss of salt lake shares reached 4.52 billion yuan to 3.54 billion yuan.

The analysis thinks, at present whole lithium electricity industry pressure is very big. In the short term, the decline of subsidies may affect some corporate profits; But in the long run, the gradual decline of subsidies can force some enterprises to pursue technological progress, reduce costs and improve performance, which is more conducive to the long-term development of the whole industry. Although the performance of enterprises in the lithium battery industry chain is seriously divided at present, whether they can step on the right pace of industry development and achieve a magnificent turn and even high-quality development depends on the analysis and judgment of the market and the ability to grasp the development opportunities.


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