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American attention: China's disposal of waste batteries

US media said throwing away the used lithium batteries will destroy the environment, and the benefits of recycling are not great. China's solution is simple, but it may have a profound impact on the environment.

Since 1990s, lithium - ion rechargeable batteries have proved to be able to effectively store a large amount of energy in small spaces, according to the Bloomberg News Agency. This makes them not only suitable for cars, but also for consumer electronics, such as electric tools and iPhone. As a major country in manufacturing and consuming such products in the world, it is also a natural thing that China has become the largest manufacturer of lithium ion batteries.

How do you deal with these discarded batteries? The problem is getting more and more difficult, and recycling seems a good choice. The supply is almost endless, the government provides generous subsidies, and China has the world's larger, advanced battery recycling plants.

However, the lithium ion battery has a strange characteristic: when the lithium battery equipment (such as cell phone, electric drill, car and so on) can not be used, its internal battery can still be used. The estimated number is different under different circumstances, but generally speaking, the electric vehicle battery has at least 70% remaining capacity after 10 years of use. That's why it's becoming an increasingly popular way to use old batteries for new devices.

The industry, in general, is still informal, the size of the industry - the global pricing of old batteries. According to a recent market analysis of lithium ion in China, Hans Merlin said, can the old battery recycling will be renovated to $4 per kilogram (about 25.3 yuan) price bought; and more suitable for the recovery of the price per kilogram of battery is only $1.5 per kilogram (about 9.5 yuan).

Companies around the world are beginning to realize the potential of this approach. BMW has recently built an old battery storage farm that will deploy up to 700 used battery packs to capture the electricity generated by the windmill. Limited by Share Ltd, a Chinese tower running 2 million Telecom towers, intends to replace the existing lead-acid batteries by using old lithium ion batteries from manufacturers.

That's what China encourages. In February, China issued a temporary method for the management of the recycling and utilization of new energy vehicle power batteries. The use of these batteries for other energy projects can further reduce the impact of electric vehicles on the environment. Even better, increasing the supply of old batteries should reduce the cost of storage. According to Peng Boxin energy finance, the cost of converting batteries in 2018 is 49 yuan per kilowatt hour (about 310 yuan), while the new battery is 300 yuan per kilowatt hour (about 1897 yuan).

In addition, the benefits of this change may be huge. Merlin predicts that by 2025, 60% of the old car batteries will be used to store energy and then recycle them. This should effectively reduce costs, further reduce emissions, and reduce the demand for new batteries and related raw materials. In other words, not only China is managing the old battery - it's probably an example of how the rest of the world can use electricity in a sustainable way.


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