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University of Illinois researched to prevent battery fire

Recently, foreign media reports, researchers at the University of Illinois School of Engineering in Chicago released a research report that shows that graphene materials can absorb oxygen from the ignition of lithium-ion batteries, thereby reducing the risk of fire.

Recently, the topic of electric car fire has risen, and how to solve the problem of battery fire is difficult to discuss. Reza Shahbazian-Yassar, associate professor of mechanical and industrial engineering at the Chicago School of Engineering at the University of Illinois and co-author of the paper, said: "We believe that if there is one A way to prevent the oxygen released by the cathode from combining with other flammable materials in the battery, we can reduce the possibility of fire."

According to this theory, the researchers found that if graphene is used to encapsulate the lithium cobalt oxide cathode particles of a lithium battery, it is possible to prevent oxygen from escaping. Graphene sheets also have good properties of blocking oxygen atoms, and have the advantages of high strength, good flexibility, and electrical conductivity. Sharifi-Asl said: "Compared with traditional lithium metal batteries, the cathode-encapsulated graphene battery only lost about 14% of the capacity after rapid cycling, and under the same conditions, the performance of the traditional lithium metal battery decreased. 45%".


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