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China is the first to achieve breakthroughs in the field of lithium paste batteries!

Recently, the lithium slurry battery project undertaken by the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was accepted by the Beijing Science and Technology Commission. The project's first-generation pilot products have been successfully developed, and the lithium-ion battery has achieved a breakthrough from zero to one in the world.

"Low-cost, long-life, high-security, easy-to-recycle, is the comprehensive goal of the development of energy storage batteries. The existing lithium-ion batteries are generally 'petky and rich', not suitable for large-scale energy storage scenarios. Can you use energy storage applications? Guided by the development of a 'stupid bulky' large-capacity power storage battery? At the end of 2010, we began to explore the combination of lithium batteries and other types of batteries, researching lithium-ion batteries suitable for large-capacity energy storage, one is eight Year.” Talking about the original intention of project research and development, Chen Yongzhen said.

Chen Yongzhen is the leader of the Energy Storage Technology Research Group of the Institute of Electrical Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the leader of the lithium slurry battery project technical team. It is reported that the technical name of “Lithium Slurry Battery” was firstly proposed by Chen Yongzheng technical team in the 2015 invention patent CN201510164222.1. Up to now, the project has applied for 92 patents and 35 authorized patents. The world's first, core technology patents were authorized by the United States in March this year, forming a technical route with independent intellectual property rights internationally.

Chen Yongzhen said that compared with traditional lithium batteries, lithium paste batteries have four major characteristics:

First, the battery manufacturing cost is lower, and the ultra-thick slurry electrode is 10-50 times of the thickness of the common lithium ion battery coated bonding electrode, and is suitable for providing a large-capacity power storage output;

Second, it can be regenerated and repaired. When the battery is used for a period of time, the internal interface of the battery is repaired by the regeneration technology, and the battery vitality is re-upgraded to achieve a calendar life of more than 10 years.

Third, the internal safety of the battery can be controlled. When a short circuit fault occurs inside the battery, the inside of the battery can be controlled and controlled through the safety system to ensure that the battery does not burn or explode;

The fourth is to solve the problem of battery recycling. When the battery is scrapped, the slurry is convenient for recycling, and can be used for new battery production by replenishing the missing trace elements.

It is estimated that the manufacturing cost of lithium paste batteries is about 1/3 lower than that of ordinary lithium-ion batteries, and it is expected to break the electricity cost by 0.4 yuan/kWh after large-scale production in the future.

Innovation is the process of constantly challenging and overcoming difficulties. In the initial principle verification stage of the lithium paste battery, Chen Yongzhen led the team to try a variety of material formulations, innovatively proposed a "collecting internal resistance decoupling structure" completely different from the existing battery structure, through the implementation of relevant tests, one-stop technology Difficulties, solved the polarization problem of ultra-thick electrodes.

Chen Yongzhen further mentioned that lithium paste batteries are divided into small energy storage applications and large energy storage applications. The former is mainly to replace some lead-acid battery markets, and the latter is mainly used in capacity-type energy storage scenarios. Lithium slurry batteries are an important technical direction in the field of capacity long-term energy storage. In the future, they will be widely used in low-speed electric vehicles, photovoltaic energy storage, base station energy storage, household energy storage and power storage scenarios.

“In the next step, our focus is on the research and development of process equipment and the industrial transformation of technological achievements, and the expansion of pilot work from '1 to 10'. Currently, the team is developing second-generation battery pilot products close to product applications. It is planned to realize the small-scale production of lithium-ion battery MVP products next year and deliver it to target customers for trial use. In the future, we will also use market applications as a guide to feedback and iteratively develop new energy storage battery products,” said Chen Yongzhen.


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