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Commercialization of all-solid-state batteries is at least after 2030

According to reports, CALT all-solid-state batteries are still under development and samples have been produced, but to achieve commercialization, I am afraid that it will be after 2030.

Obviously, CATL still has reservations about all-solid-state batteries. "Is an all-solid battery really necessary? The existing liquid lithium ions are the best choice for electric vehicles in terms of battery efficiency, cost and range."

And Japan's Toyota said it would show the latest all-solid-state battery in some form at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, specific commercialization details were not disclosed.

All-solid-state batteries are currently the technical route that may exceed the energy density of common lithium-ion batteries, simplify the structure process, and reduce costs. In terms of specific business routes, the world's top power battery manufacturers are skeptical of this. Toyota's approach is obviously the most radical.


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