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Swedish manufacturer launches modular lithium-ion battery that will be suitable for different energy markets

Swedish storage system supplier Northvolt has developed a new type of lithium-ion battery, which uses a modular design and is suitable for different energy markets.

The manufacturer stated that the new voltage pack mobile system is an ideal solution for remote or weak grid and electric vehicle charging. However, it claims that it can also be used for balance, grid flexibility and ancillary services.

Northvolt said that the voltage pack mobile system provides up to 250 kilowatts of available energy with a scalable capacity from 245 to 1225 kilowatt-hours. The system is expanded by a central interface hub, which can connect five independent voltage groups in parallel, and each voltage group contains three liquid-cooled industrial-grade battery voltage group cores.

If you need more storage capacity, you can connect the Voltpack mobile system in series and use the central hub as an interface for applications such as home inverters and auxiliary systems. Battery technology, inverter system and battery management system are designed and manufactured by North Volt.

Vattenfall is testing the system at its factory in Alfkarby, Sweden. "Vattenfall will be the first company to provide battery cells to the market. It has identified the need for sustainable solutions in the industry, microgrid, construction site, and event organizers," Northvolt said.

Recently, North Volt received a $1 billion equity investment and established a lithium-ion battery plant in Sweden. The company has established an operational research laboratory in Vasteras, two battery factories under construction in Skelleftea, and one operating in Gdansk, Poland Battery system factory.

In addition to the Giga plant in Sweden, North Volt also agreed to establish a half-shared joint venture with Volkswagen, and in cooperation with Salzgitter in Lower Saxony, Germany, to build a 16 gigawatt battery factory.

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