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The power of the apple iPhone battery will expand the 20%-40%

The battery power of iPhone and iPad is expected to expand 20%-40%, and the related technology is being developed, and the project is funded by the Apple supplier under the TDK's flag.

During the ten years, there was no breakthrough in lithium battery technology

IPhone and other smart phones or electric cars, technological innovations have been breakthrough year by year. As a battery for energy supply, there was little technological innovation in the past ten years. The storage of lithium batteries depends on the movement of the lithium electrons between the positive and negative poles to achieve the charge discharge. The positive electrode is usually made from durable and wear resistant graphite. If the graphite is replaced with silicon, the storage capacity of the battery will be greatly improved. But so far the technology will consume a large amount of silicon material, and its practicability is not good.

High energy storage and practicability by new technology

The California branch of Sila Nanotechnologies has made research on the advantages of integrating silicon to improve battery storage capacity and developing durability of graphite.

The company co founder and CEO Gene Berdichevsky said: "we need to increase battery storage capacity without changing the production process. After a lot of production, the production cost still has room to fall."

Companies and agencies in Enevate, California, have also carried out research on the battery storage capacity promotion.

TDK's Apple supplier led capital contribution

Sila Nanotechnologies's lithium batteries are still in the experimental stage. However, it received the sponsorship of Amperex Technology, the manufacturer of product accessories of iPhone and iPad, etc. in 2005, Amperex Technology was acquired by TDK company in 2005.

Amperex said that the new type of battery will come out two years later and will have the opportunity to cooperate with iPhone, iPad and other products after it is formally put into production.


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