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Scientists invented an egg-shaped new battery. It only takes 6 minutes to charge

Nowadays, the functions of smart phones are becoming more and more complicated, and the size of the screen is continuously expanding, but the battery technology that powers the whole machine has not been significantly improved. Perhaps there has been no satisfactory progress in battery capacity in recent years, but scientists have made some exciting advances in charging technology.

Researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Tsinghua University in my country have developed a new type of battery that can be fully charged in 6 minutes. It is understood that the lithium-ion batteries used in the market now have lithium loss when the electrodes expand and contract each time they are charged, and it is easy to shorten the battery life. This new battery uses nano-particle electrodes and positive electrodes. It is an egg-shaped structure, "egg shell" is titanium dioxide, and "egg yolk" is aluminum. When aluminum is separated from the titanium dioxide eggshell, the gap allows it to expand and contract, so that the outer shell will not be affected, thereby greatly increasing the life of the battery.

In addition to the extended battery life, the shrinkage of the battery charging process has been greatly reduced, and the time required for charging has also been greatly reduced. It is reported that this kind of battery, when applied to mobile devices, is fully charged in about 6 minutes . In addition, the capacity of this new type of battery has also increased a lot, which can reach about three times the current lithium-ion battery used in mobile devices.

It is worth noting that the difference from the previous new battery products is that this fast-charge battery is not difficult in mass production. This provides the most favorable support for its large-scale application and development. After mass production, this fast battery The cost of rechargeable batteries is expected to be further reduced, making it easier for ordinary consumers to enter the consumer market.

If this kind of battery is successfully developed and put into the market to replace the existing lithium-ion battery, it will give great convenience to mobile device users. Imagine that a smartphone, ultrabook, flat panel light device can be used for several days with full power , And it takes only six minutes to fully charge after the power is consumed. This is an exciting thing.

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