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Terrified! The safety of the explosive lithium battery when the HP notebook is charged at night

According to the 315 party reported shortly after the end of the year, there were many fire accidents in domestic electric bicycles, most of which were caused by charging. The battery is overloaded when charging, and it is easy to explode. The explosion of electric cars and mobile phones is relatively common, and we don't have much to do with the incident of a laptop charging explosion.

BGR according to foreign media reports, recently, the British security cameras Letchworth a plastics manufacturing company record with a catastrophic event.  Monitoring video shows that a laptop computer fires at night charging and eventually burned the owner's entire office. According to the reporter, the accident notebook model is the HP Envy notebook computer.

According to the global intelligence reporter, in early 2018, HP announced on December 2015 to December 2017 during the implementation of the global sales of notebook computer in part because of their voluntary recall, the battery overheating risks, may cause fire and fire hazard, including HP ENVY m6.

The recall involves the following product models: HP ProBook 64x (G2 and G3), HP ProBook 65x (G2 and G3), HP HP 310, 64x, 64x, 64x, and mobile workstation.

Steve Paffett, owner of the plastics manufacturing company and owner of laptop computers, told local media that he sat on that seat earlier in the day: "I swear that if I sit there when it explode, it will burn my face or kill me."

Paffett said, "the first floor is destroyed, and all the inventory is scrapped. Fortunately, they are not fired, but they are covered by smoke and the whole building is dirty. The members of the fire brigade and the ambulance team are all very good and have been trying to save it. I have got a small insurance compensation, but only enough to deal with it. "

The HP notebook that exploded in 2006

In fact, this is not the first accidental explosion in a DELL computer. In 2006, a DELL notebook had a serious explosion and finally recalled 4 million 100 thousand laptops that had a hidden explosion. In 2007, a home in the United States was destroyed by a DELL laptop overheating, when the owner of the house put the DELL laptop at home to charge it.

The largest recall of the notebook computer was the "battery door" event of 2006. At that time, Dell, ThinkPad, HP have provoked the "fire" to the body, DELL notebook also has a serial explosion accident. As the industry giant's Apple Corp, its iPhone mobile phone, AirPods headset, MacBook notebook and so on have had similar problems.

At present, the explosions of Samsung, apple, DELL and HP are all related to the lithium battery. When electronic products manufacturers pursue the appearance of fashion, how to ensure the safe use of lithium batteries is the top priority. It is not only to rely on the tips of attention to the user, but to solve it from the source is the key.


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