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The secret of longevity of lithium battery

At least for your lithium batteries, the secret is to charge each battery to 4.1 volts, not to charge each battery to 4.2 volts and never discharge them to a fully discharged level. Operating the battery pack between the two ends of the charge/discharge level will greatly extend its life.

There are several conditions that can cause degradation of lithium batteries. One is heat. For the purpose of RC modeling, this is likely to cause the most degradation. Other factors are related to the state of charge and the influence of materials at both ends.

At both ends of the charged state, lithium ions are forced into the carbon material on the board. This leads to destruction of the material, and fewer ions can be retained in future charging cycles, resulting in a decrease in capacity. This damage mainly occurs at the end, so staying away from the end can even help extend the life of the lithium battery.

Some Chargers stop charging at 4.1 volts per lithium battery. You can see that using 4.1 volts can keep you away from the highest volts, and charging lithium batteries higher than the traditional 3 volts will keep you away from the lowest volts. This can better extend the life of your lithium battery.

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