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Is the c on the lithium battery larger or smaller?

I believe that many of my friends know that there is a c number on lithium batteries. Is this c number larger or smaller? Before answering this question, let us first understand what this c refers to? what's the effect?

What does the c on the lithium battery stand for?

c represents the discharge energy of the battery. This c is called "discharge rate" in battery terminology, which is the multiple of the discharge current value divided by the battery capacity value. For example, if the battery capacity is 1.5Ah, then 1c is 1.5A charge and discharge, 2c is 3A charge and discharge, 0.5c is 0.75A charge and discharge; if the battery is 2Ah, then 1c is 2A charge and discharge, 2c is 4A charge and discharge, 0.5 c is 1A charge and discharge. C represents the discharge rate, and a few c is the capacity multiplied by a few. 1c discharge is 1 hour, 2c is 0.5 hour, 0.5c is 2 hours (the larger the discharge current, the shorter the discharge time).

There are high-rate batteries, high-rate batteries can discharge more than 10c, and ordinary ones can only discharge within 3c. In a popular analogy, c means the explosive power of the battery. The high-rate power battery has a large instantaneous discharge current, which is especially suitable for high-current situations where the battery is small and light, such as model airplanes and brushless motors.

High rate batteries

Is the c of the lithium battery better or smaller?

The higher the discharge rate, the faster the discharge of electricity. Generally speaking, the battery does not need to be discharged at a high rate. You need to pay attention to this. Devices that really require high-rate discharge, such as model airplanes, require an instantaneous high-current discharge for take-off and sudden acceleration. At this time, high-rate batteries are needed.

So everyone understand? In fact, the discharge rate is not the bigger the better. The discharge rate of the lithium battery is large or small depends on the equipment you use. There are many devices that do not need high-rate discharge at all, so naturally, they do not need to use high-rate discharge batteries. Such as competition-level car models, model airplanes, drones, etc. will have an action with a lot of instantaneous current, so it is natural that a higher discharge rate is required.

So generally speaking, it is based on the actual size of the device to determine whether the C-number of the lithium battery is large or small. Generally speaking, if you buy a lithium battery with a higher rate, you must pay attention to whether your device can support such a large rate of current. , To avoid unnecessary losses.

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