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Apple Watch 4 screen tests battery endurance more

At present, the industry is controversial on the dimensions of the Apple Watch fourth generation. Some people think that the new generation of smart watches will keep the same volume as the previous generation products, like iPhone X, by increasing the screen size and reducing the width of the border. But Guo Mingji predicted Apple Watch fourth generation screen size will increase by 15%, the existing 38mm and 42mm two kinds of size selection, because the larger screen size, the watch will increase to 44mm and 48mm, and Apple will give a new generation of smart watches equipped with a larger capacity battery, so as to provide long life time.

In addition, Guo Ming said that the new generation of smart watches will have more sensors besides heart rate monitors. Apple plans to build Apple Watch into a product similar to miniature health labs. But he did not say what new sensors would be.

In terms of price, the Apple Watch fourth generation has a better function, so the price will increase accordingly. At the same time, the old money will be sold at lower prices, which will help apple to maintain its leading position in the smart watch market. He expects a new generation of Apple Watch sales to reach 22 million to 24 million. Compared with 2017, the same period increased by 30%.


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