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How to activate the lithium battery "starved to death"?

Many people have bad habits. They often put the electric car battery on the car without turning off the air switch and leave it for several months without riding. When I came back for a ride a few months later, I found that the car was dead and could not be charged. The Charger is plugged in, but the light is always green, even if it is plugged in for 24 hours, it is still green because the battery voltage is too low, and the Charger cannot charge electricity into the battery if the battery voltage is too low.

In this case, the battery is "starved to death" as we usually say. The voltage of this battery block battery is generally only about 5.6V, not more than 6V. For such batteries, most of them change the battery. However, it is a pity to change a set of batteries for several hundred, so it is a pity to change, especially the battery that has just passed the warranty.

Here are five better methods that can save most of these "starved" batteries. Note that most are not 100%.

1. Tandem method. An additional 12-volt battery with normal voltage is connected in series with the entire battery pack. For example, if the original car is a 48V-20AH battery, then we will connect another 12V-20AH battery in series. A fully charged 12V battery has a voltage of about 13V. After being connected in series, it can increase the voltage of the entire battery, and then use his original charger to charge it. In this way, the battery can be charged. After plugging in the charger, the charger It is a red light, and the battery can be charged at this time. When the charger turns green, remove the other battery connected in series. Then charge it normally.

2. Parallel method. This method is a bit more troublesome. For example, the vehicle used to have a 48V-20AH battery, we have another set of 48V-20AH batteries in parallel. Everyone knows that the voltage across the parallel circuit is equal, and the high voltage end will flow into the low voltage end. This method is also used by many battery dealers to detect completely dead batteries. Then charging can also achieve the purpose of charging. This principle follows, a battery connected in series, the principle is similar. It also raises the voltage of the entire group.

3. Low-voltage charging method. Use a small charger for charging. For example, if it is a set of 60V-20AH batteries, then we use a 48V-20AH charger for charging. In most cases like this, it can be charged. The principle is similar to the first one, and the charging voltage is closer to the voltage across the battery.

4. Single battery charging method. Charging a single battery with a 12-volt motorcycle charger can activate the battery, but this kind of charging is relatively slow, generally charging for more than 7 hours before the battery voltage slowly rises to about 12V. It takes a lot of time to charge all single blocks.

5. Special charger method. The Tianneng charger automatically recognizes the battery voltage, no matter how many volts a set of battery voltage is, it can automatically recognize the voltage, and he can charge it. For example, the original car was a 60V-20AH battery, but now it only has less than 30V, it can still be charged inside. As the voltage increases, it is fully adapted to a higher first-order voltage, and then the battery is charged. Tailing, Lvjia electric vehicles, and Jinpeng tricycles have been equipped with chargers of this brand.

In addition, how to activate lithium batteries "starved to death" under popularization? Laptop battery or mobile phone battery

Battery activation is called "Power Gauge Calibration" in Lenovo's power management software. When using Everest on the PC to test the power supply, there is a "design capacity" followed by "full charge capacity". If the two values are the same, you will see that the "battery loss" item below is 0%; Generally speaking, the "full charge capacity" of the battery that has just been shipped from the factory or has not been maintained for a long time will be less than the "design capacity", and the battery loss will be 1% at this time. This means that the battery is not "fully charged", and we need to perform "full charge and discharge" (uninterrupted charging for 12 hours or more after full discharge) to fully "explore" the "potential" of the battery. This complete charging and discharging process is called "activating the battery." Power management software such as Lenovo Thinkpad has a "power ruler calibration" function similar to the principle.

I personally feel that some old technology batteries such as NiMH need to be activated. The theory of lithium batteries is that they need to be activated because they need to form a protective layer of SEI on the anode. But this process has actually been completed in the production test phase. I personally feel that consumers’ misunderstandings about batteries have caused such services.

Your mobile phone battery is "starved" to death and cannot be turned on and cannot be charged. At this time, it needs to be activated! First of all, the so-called starvation is the phenomenon that the battery cannot be recharged when the battery has been discharged or the battery is very low. Then there are currently two ways to activate the so-called: one is to use a universal recharge for about 20 minutes to activate. The second is to provide a professional mobile phone repair shop with a slightly higher voltage such as a 12-volt power supply to activate. Specifically, the positive and negative poles of the power supply are placed on the positive and negative poles of the battery for tens of seconds or even a few minutes to power on it and get it through! Finally, after activation, it can be charged with direct charging as before. It is not known whether it will have a significant impact on the lifespan.

Charge with the instrument. (If the above method does not work and the battery is not faulty, it needs to be activated with a "regulated power supply". The black wire is connected to the negative electrode of the battery and the red wire is connected to the positive electrode of the battery. The charging voltage reaches 3.8V.) There is no need to charge for 12 hours at a time, this is unnecessary!

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