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What problem can cause a lithium-ion battery to burst?

Many people like to recharge the battery when the battery is completely used up, or perhaps continue to charge the battery after being fully charged. Such behavior is called deep charge and discharge. This habit is not good, especially for lithium-ion batteries, which may cause serious results. Frequent deep charging and discharging may shorten the life of the battery, and then simply cause the battery to swell or even burst.

In addition, current and voltage are also very important. When charging, excessive current load can easily cause an internal short circuit of the battery, causing circuit safety, which may lead to blasting incidents. Although many electronic products now have overload protection devices, users still need to pay attention to them in use. To check whether the Charger is qualified, whether the current and voltage are in line with the scale.

The lithium-ion battery is not easy to use in extreme environments for a long time, too high and too low temperature will greatly reduce the safety performance of the lithium-ion battery. If the temperature is too low and stays below the freezing point for a long time, it may be difficult for the lithium-ion battery to accept the instantaneous start-up temperature and simply burn. When exposed to high temperature for a long time, the internal pressure of the lithium-ion battery will increase and even cause explosion. Therefore, do not leave the lithium ion battery in an extreme temperature environment for a long time to prevent accidents.

Therefore, during the day, when using lithium-ion batteries, pay attention, do not charge them frequently, and do not allow the current and voltage to exceed the load, and do not expose the lithium-ion battery to extreme temperatures for a long time to prevent lithium-ion caused by improper use of details. The battery bursts. Of course, it is best for customers to buy quality-guaranteed lithium-ion batteries produced by regular manufacturers, and pay attention to the details in the application, in order to use lithium-ion batteries safely.

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