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What are the reasons that affect the service life of UPS lead-acid batteries

At present, maintenance-free sealed lead-acid batteries widely used in small and medium-sized UPS power supplies account for 1/4-1/2 of the total cost of UPS power supplies. Not only that, but actual maintenance also shows that more than 50% of UPS power supplies fail Related to UPS battery. The failure of UPS battery is mainly manifested as insufficient terminal voltage, insufficient capacity or instantaneous discharge current that does not meet the requirements for on-load startup.

Normally used UPS batteries have a lifespan of about 5 years. However, there are a considerable number of domestic UPS batteries that start to have problems after being put into use for less than one year. What's more, some imported brands of domestic batteries have innate manufacturing processes. Defects, on the other hand, are caused by the lack of necessary maintenance. It is worth noting that due to the lack of necessary testing and maintenance methods, many users do not know the health status of their UPS batteries at all, leaving hidden dangers for the normal operation of the UPS system.

Although the structure design and use of raw materials for UPS batteries have been greatly improved than in the past, and the performance has been greatly improved, many maintenance-free lead-acid batteries with excellent design and materials have a theoretical life of 15-20 for floating charge. Over years, but the battery that can really reach such a life in use is probably very few. Take the lead-acid battery for low-maintenance starting with dry charge, which is widely used in automobiles and motorcycles. UPS batteries are designed to have a service life of more than 4 to 5 years. According to investigations, they rarely reach the above level. He died in one year. The reasons are as follows:

1) The design of charging equipment is not perfect and it is inconvenient to use.

2) The lead-acid UPS battery cannot be recharged in time after discharge, especially over-discharge can cause fatal injury to the UPS battery.

3) The quality of the products of a few manufacturers is inferior and shoddy.

Reasons affecting the service life of UPS lead-acid batteries

1. Lead-acid batteries have harsh requirements for their charging equipment when the ambient temperature changes. Due to the defects in the design of the charging equipment in the past, the normal service life of the battery was affected.

2. After the lead-acid battery is discharged, due to the inconvenient use of the charging equipment in the past, the user cannot recharge the UPS battery in time, and the damage caused is to greatly shorten the battery life.

3. Temperature, temperature has a great influence on UPS battery, too high or too low will cause the battery life to decrease (high temperature leads to overcharging, low temperature leads to undercharging), especially high temperature, the impact on battery life is particularly obvious. Generally speaking, the ambient temperature should be controlled at about 25°C.

4. The depth of discharge has a great influence on the service life of UPS batteries. The greater the depth of UPS battery discharge, the fewer cycles it uses. Therefore, you should try to prevent deep discharge when using it. Small current discharge can easily cause deep discharge.

5. Charging current, UPS battery charge and discharge current is generally expressed by C, the actual value of C is related to the battery capacity. For example, a 100AH battery, C=100A. Generally speaking, the best charging current for lead-acid maintenance-free batteries is about 0.1C. Excessive or too small charging current will affect the service life of UPS batteries.

6. The UPS battery should be checked regularly after a period of use, and the corresponding maintenance should be done according to the quality of the mains power supply. The quality of the mains is good, and where there is no power failure for a long time, the battery should be activated and discharged at regular intervals to prevent the battery from being in a floating charge state for a long time and the activity becomes poor. The time interval can be half a year, and the depth of discharge is about 30% of the battery capacity.

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