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What are the common disposable batteries?

Disposable batteries, non-rechargeable, common carbon batteries, alkaline batteries. The advantage is that compared with the secondary battery, the price is cheap, the storage time is long, that is, the self-discharge is relatively low, and the weight is low and easy to carry.

1. Carbon battery

The full name of a carbon battery should be a carbon-zinc battery (because it is generally a carbon rod for the positive stage and a zinc skin for the negative electrode), also known as a zinc-manganese battery, which is currently the most common dry battery. It has the characteristics of low price and safe and reliable use. Compared with alkaline batteries, the essential difference is that the internal materials are different. Based on environmental factors, it contains some heavy metals, so it must be recycled to avoid damage to the environment.

Because of its low current, it is more suitable for flashlights, semiconductor radios, quartz clocks, remote controls, etc.

2. Alkaline battery

Alkaline batteries are suitable for electrical appliances that require large discharge capacity and long-term use. The internal resistance of the battery is low, so the current generated is larger than that of a general zinc-manganese battery. The conductive is copper rod, and the outer shell is a steel shell, which is safe and reliable without recycling.

It is more suitable for electric toys, electric toothbrushes, wireless mouse and keyboard, electric shavers and other high-current electrical appliances.

1. Performance

To put it simply, alkaline batteries are much more durable than carbon batteries. Carbon batteries have a small capacity, and alkaline batteries have a large capacity. They are not as easy to "running" and corrode other parts like carbon batteries, so alkaline batteries are now used more often. .

2. Weight

Due to the different structures and internal materials of alkaline batteries and carbon batteries, alkaline batteries are generally heavier than carbon batteries. Taking alkaline batteries as an example, large batteries are usually ≥135g, size 2 batteries ≥65g, and size 5 batteries ≥22.5g, AAA battery ≥10.8g, 9V battery ≥45g, and carbon battery will be much lighter.

Three, shelf life

Generally, the shelf life of alkaline batteries far exceeds the shelf life of carbon batteries. The shelf life of normal carbon batteries is one to two years. And now the shelf life of mainstream alkaline battery manufacturers has reached 5 years, or even longer reached 7 years. 1. In addition to rechargeable nickel-metal hydride, lithium batteries, etc., Xiaomi Rainbow Battery (Alkaline) should be the most cost-effective battery found so far. The capacity, discharge curve and the famous mainstream alkaline energy are tied, but the price is only half of the opponent To.

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