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How to effectively prevent battery explosion

1、Don't modify the battery, Charger and electrical components privately

It is a trivial matter to modify the battery and the Charger without permission, and it is a trivial matter to disassemble it and install it incorrectly. It is a major matter that it causes a short circuit, fire, or even explosion. For safety, it is recommended that you go to a car shop or a professional repair point to maintain the battery, charger and electrical components.

2、Do not charge in the sun, keep away from open flames and high-temperature heat sources

When summer is here, you must pay special attention to this. Remember not to charge the electric car in the hot sun, nor to expose the battery to the sun. In the same way, keep away from open flames and high-temperature heat sources both during normal times and when charging.

3、It is not recommended to charge indoors and corridors

Someone may say: There is no other choice but to charge at home. However, security is not afraid of ten thousand, just in case. Now, many garages in residential areas are equipped with charging points for electric vehicles. For rural users, you can choose a ventilated, rainproof, cool and dry place for charging according to the situation of the house.

4、Fill it, don’t overcharge

A general charger takes 8-10 hours from no charge to full charge. When we are charging, we can flexibly judge the charging time based on the remaining power.

5、Try not to use fast charging on the street

Street-side fast charging is convenient and cheap, but at the same time, street-side fast charging can also damage the battery, ranging from shortening the battery life to a safety accident. Safety is the first priority. It is recommended that you use less or no street fast charging.

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