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What are the safety measures for lithium ion batteries

In order to prevent lithium-ion batteries from overheating or even exploding, modern lithium-ion batteries have built-in many self-protection mechanisms. First, each lithium-ion battery (or in the case of a laptop, the entire battery pack) has a built-in control chip that monitors the voltage of the battery (for a battery pack, it will monitor the Individual voltage) and temperature, beyond the set range, the chip will automatically power off. In addition, each battery is also designed with vent holes, so that the gas generated by the high temperature can be smoothly exhausted, and there will be no accumulation of explosions.

These protective measures are sufficient for a battery without physical damage, but what if it is a damaged (for example, punctured) lithium-ion battery? This is the strength of the newly developed STOBA battery developed by the Industrial Technology Research Institute. The STOBA battery incorporates a "nano-level polymer material" into the electrolyte. When heated, this polymer material will polymerize into a thin film with an insulating effect, preventing the flow of lithium ions and cutting off the runaway short-circuit battery Possibility to continue heating the battery. This technology not only prevents the battery from exploding, but also prevents the battery from overheating. In most of the experiments we have seen, the temperature does not exceed 60 degrees Celsius-it is still hot, but at least there is no danger of igniting the surrounding combustibles.

The other two factors that affect the reduction of storage capacity are temperature, and how full the battery is. No matter what you do (or don't do), the total charge of lithium-ion batteries is constantly declining, but high temperature and full charge will accelerate the rate of decline. Therefore, buying a laptop that is not so enthusiastic will not only positively help fertility, but also help slow down the decrease in battery capacity. In addition, if the computer has relevant settings, charging the battery to eight minutes full can reduce the rate at which the power storage is reduced to half-meaning that if you charge the battery to full every time, you can run for 4 hours after a year. If your computer can only run for 2 hours, then you only charge the battery to eighty full each time. After a year, the computer can still run for 3 hours. Although there are many factors that affect the explosion of lithium-ion batteries, in the final analysis it is a very simple cause of short circuit, and the important reason for short circuit is our common charging overvoltage, overcurrent and excessive use time, etc.

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