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Introduction to the maintenance of lithium-ion batteries for electric vehicles

1. Time control

Buy a new battery and use it after fully charging it for the first time. The first 3 recharges should be no less than 10 hours each time and no more than 12 hours. After that, each time it will be charged for 6-10 hours. In addition, according to seasonal changes, the charging time is controlled. Spring and Autumn: 7~8 hours; Summer: 6~7 hours; Winter: 8~10 hours.

2. Charge on time

Please don't use the battery to the lowest level every time you use it. You can charge the battery with about 25% of the remaining power. Develop the habit of charging in time and keep the battery as full as possible.

3. Charging process

When charging, insert the battery first, then the power supply, and then cut off the power supply first, and then unplug the battery.

4. Cooling and charging

Do not charge immediately after each long-distance driving. You should wait for the lithium-ion battery to cool for 10 to 30 minutes before charging, which can extend the life of the lithium-ion battery.

5. Prevent power loss

When the electric vehicle is not used for a long time, the lithium-ion battery should be charged normally once a month, and it is strictly forbidden to store it for a long time without power.

6. Original accessories

Do not replace the Charger casually, try to use the original Charger, do not remove the speed limit of the controller, otherwise it will reduce the battery life.

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