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Retired power lithium batteries must not develop power banks, hand-held lighting and other equipment, and the management method for the echelon utilization of power lithium batteries will be issued soon

On October 10, the Department of Energy Conservation and Comprehensive Utilization of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced: Management Measures for the Echelon Utilization of Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" In view of this, "promoting the construction of a new energy vehicle power battery recycling system" has become a key work point in 2020, and the "Administrative Measures for the Echelon Utilization of New Energy Vehicle Power Battery" should be issued before the end of 2020.

The Ministry of Information of the my country Power Lithium-ion Battery Recycling and Echelon Utilization Alliance made a simple review of the "Draft for Solicitation of Comments". The relevant points are as follows:

Purpose: To strengthen the management of cascade utilization of power batteries for new energy vehicles, improve the comprehensive utilization of resources, ensure the quality of cascade utilization battery products, and protect the ecological environment.

Competent department: The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology is responsible for the management, guidance and coordination of the use of power batteries across the country. The Ministry of Ecology and Environment, the Ministry of Commerce, and the State Administration of Market Supervision shall supervise and manage the use of power storage batteries within their respective responsibilities, and strengthen information sharing.

1. The cascade utilization company should perform the main responsibility, follow the concept of the whole life cycle, implement the extended producer responsibility system, ensure the quality of the cascade products produced by the company, and standardize recycling and environmental protection after scrap;

2. The power battery production company should adopt a product structure design that is easy to cascade utilization to facilitate its efficient cascade utilization.

3. Requirements of tiered utilization companies

(1) The cascade utilization company shall meet the relevant requirements of the "Industry Standard Conditions for Comprehensive Utilization of Waste Power Batteries for New Energy Vehicles".

(2) Encourage the adoption of advanced and applicable technology and equipment, and cascade utilization of waste power batteries at package (group) and module level.

(3) Encourage the use of ladders. Companies are encouraged to develop and produce ladder products that are suitable for base station backup, energy storage, charging and swapping, and not develop power banks, handheld lighting equipment and other ladder products that are not easy to recycle.

(4) Encourage the adoption of business models such as leasing and large-scale utilization that facilitate the recycling of cascaded products.

(5) Encourage cascade utilization companies to cooperate with companies such as new energy vehicle production, power battery production, and scrap motor vehicle recycling and dismantling, strengthen information sharing, use existing recycling channels, and efficiently recycle used power batteries for cascade utilization.

(6) Echelon Utilization When the company engages in echelon utilization of waste power batteries, it should coordinate with new energy vehicles and power battery production companies to resolve intellectual property issues in accordance with relevant national regulations.

(7) Encourage tiered utilization companies to obtain factory technical specifications information, charging rate information of power batteries, and monitoring data information (voltage, temperature, SOC, etc.) required by relevant national standards.

(8) Echelon utilization The company shall standardize the development of cascade utilization, have a cascade product quality management system and necessary inspection equipment and facilities, and adopt cascade product inspection rules and methods that meet the requirements of relevant standards.

(9) Echelon Utilization The company assumes responsibility for warranty and after-sales service for the tier products produced and sold by the company.

(10) Echelon utilization companies should establish a traceability management system, apply for manufacturer codes and file coding rules in accordance with relevant national traceability management regulations, and upload tier products, waste power batteries, etc. to the new energy vehicle national monitoring and power battery recycling and traceability integrated management platform Relevant traceability information to ensure that the traceability information is uploaded in a timely, true and accurate manner.

4. Echelon product requirements

(1) The design of cascade products should comprehensively consider factors such as electrical insulation, flame retardancy, thermal management and battery management to ensure the reliability of cascade products;

(2) Echelon products should be verified by performance tests, and their electrical performance, safety and reliability, etc. should meet the requirements of the nominal capacity, nominal voltage and relevant national standards in the field of application.

(3) Echelon products should have commodity bar code logos, and uniformly coded in accordance with the "Automobile Power Battery Coding Rules" (GB/T34014), and the tier product logos should indicate the nominal capacity, nominal voltage, and the company name, address, and product of the tier. Information such as origin, product implementation standards, traceability codes, etc., and retain the original power battery code.

(4) Ladder products should prompt the relevant matters and requirements that should be paid attention to in the process of use protection, operation monitoring, inspection and maintenance, and scrap recycling.

(5) Cascade products should adopt appropriate packaging and protection methods according to product characteristics, and packaging and transportation should meet the requirements of relevant standards such as "Management Regulations for Recycling and Utilization of Lithium Ion Batteries for Vehicles Part 1 Packaging and Transportation Specifications" (GB/T38698.1).

(6) The General Administration of Market Supervision, together with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, establishes a voluntary certification system for cascaded products, and certified cascaded products can use the cascaded battery product mark on products and packaging.

5. Recycling requirements

(1) The cascade utilization company should follow the relevant requirements of the "Guidelines for the Construction and Operation of New Energy Vehicle Power Battery Recycling Service Networks" (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China Circular No. 46, 2019) to establish a system that matches the sales volume of the product. Recycling service outlets for scrapped products shall submit the information of the recycling service outlets and publish it to the public on the company’s website.

(2) Encourage cascade utilization companies to cooperate with companies such as new energy vehicle production to jointly build and share recycling systems to improve recycling efficiency.

(3) The cascade utilization company shall standardize the recycling of discarded power batteries and discarded cascade products that appeared in the production and testing of the company’s cascade products, and in accordance with the requirements of the "Administrative Measures", centralized storage and transfer to the recycling company for processing, and shall not be discarded or disposed of at will , And implement information disclosure work in accordance with relevant national requirements.

(4) The owner of the cascade products should hand over the scrapped cascade products to the recycling service network established by the cascade utilization company or the recycling company for standardized treatment, and shall not discard or dispose of them at will.

(5) Echelon utilization companies, echelon product owners, etc., if they disassemble or disassemble scrapped echelon products without authorization, or transfer them to other third parties, they shall bear corresponding responsibilities.

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