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What to pay attention to when charging lithium ion battery for the first time

1. Fully charged: There is no activation problem when using lithium ion batteries for the first time. The reason is that the charging and discharging characteristics of lithium ion batteries and nickel hydrogen batteries are very different. The deeper reason is that overcharging will Lithium-ion batteries, especially liquid lithium-ion batteries, cause great damage. Therefore, charging should be carried out according to standard time and standard methods, and never over-long charging.

2. New lithium-ion batteries generally have a certain amount of power when they are in hand, and they can be used immediately, rather than having to be charged before use. From the theoretical and practical point of view, the first charging of lithium-ion batteries is to use after-recharge or after-charge The effect of reuse is exactly the same. There is a limit here. It is best to charge first if the factory date is more than half a year, because the battery is too low at this time.

Third, the choice between power-off charging and power-on charging does not have to be deliberate, because the impact on battery performance is the same. Some lithium-ion batteries are designed to be charged in a standby state, but this situation is relatively rare.

Fourth, in terms of consumer electronics, the charging time for lithium-ion batteries is generally 2 to 4 hours. The first charging time for new lithium-ion batteries may be longer because there is no loss of capacity, and the result is fully charged. More charging is also useless. The reason has been mentioned above. If there is any use, it is also a side use.

The first charging time of lithium-ion batteries is often transformed into the concept of activation. In some lithium-ion battery manuals, the requirement of using lithium-ion batteries for three full charge and discharge for the first time seems to be activated, but the real purpose is not the same as that of nickel-hydrogen batteries to eliminate the memory effect. In the same way, this is important to eliminate passivation, that is, some lithium crystals will appear during the transfer process of lithium-ion batteries for up to 3 to 6 months, thereby affecting the activity. The process of eliminating passivation can be carried out during the first charge of the lithium-ion battery, or it can be completed in a normal working environment, without deliberately doing it.

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