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How to distinguish whether the battery is a refurbished battery

The battery of an electric car has a time limit. It should be replaced in about three years. However, most people don’t understand these configurations and worry that they are buying refurbished batteries. Today we will study this issue. Worry, XiaoFANg will teach you the tips for identifying whether the battery has been refurbished. Take a closer look at the following two points and follow your steps!

1. Disassemble and install the purchased battery, observe the appearance of the battery, pay attention to see if there are signs of rubbing, scratches, etc., and check the positive and negative metal parts of the battery for rust marks.

2. After the factory date is more than one month, the seller will not be able to guarantee the quality. Almost the production date given to the seller by the manufacturer is calculated from the date the battery was produced. Special attention should be paid to if there is a turnover maintenance after the date of the battery. There must be a problematic battery.

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