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Introduction to the method of distinguishing the quality of lithium ion batteries

1. Check the security label

The key is to see whether there is an anti-counterfeiting label. Generally speaking, most brand batteries will have an anti-counterfeiting label attached to the docking part of the battery shell before leaving the factory. So when buying, pay attention to see if the anti-counterfeiting label is well pasted, if necessary, you can also scratch off the anti-counterfeiting label password coating to verify the authenticity. Finally, pay attention to the production date printed on the lithium-ion battery.

2. Charging process inspection method

Lithium-ion battery manufacturers tell you that there should be an over-current protector inside the general genuine lithium iron phosphate lithium-ion battery. In the case of excessive current caused by an external short circuit, it will automatically cut off the circuit to avoid burning or damaging electronic products. Lithium-ion battery also has an overcharge protection circuit, which will automatically cut off the power when using non-standard electrical appliances or excessive AC current. If the battery is found to be severely heated or smoked or even exploded during the charging process, it means that the battery is fake of.

3. Performance identification method

Investigating the performance of lithium-ion batteries usually battery working time is a relative concept. Li-ion battery manufacturers say that the rated capacity of the battery should not be less than 95% of the standard capacity, and the minimum capacity should not be less than 60% of the rated capacity when it is fully charged for 28 days. The life span is not less than 400 times; if the battery does not meet the above standards, it can be judged to be a fake.

4. Lithium-ion battery manufacturers introduce that all genuine lithium-ion batteries should be neat in appearance, free of extra burrs, and have a certain roughness on the outer surface and feel comfortable to the touch; the inner surface feels smooth, and the fine longitudinal direction can be seen under the light Scratches. The battery electrode has the same width as the cell phone battery sheet, and the corresponding position under the battery electrode is marked with [+] and [-]. The isolation material of the battery charging electrode is the same as the shell material, but it is not integrated.

5. Compare the battery capacity

The general nickel-cadmium battery is 500mAh or 600mAh, and the nickel-hydrogen battery is no more than 800-900mAh; and the capacity of the lithium-ion mobile phone battery is generally between 1300-1400mAh, so the use time of the lithium-ion battery after fully charged is about the nickel-hydrogen battery 1.5 times that of cadmium-nickel batteries, about 3.0 times. Lithium battery manufacturers say that if you find that the working hours of the lithium-ion cell phone battery block you have purchased is not advertised or specified in the manual, it may be a counterfeit.

When people distinguish between true and false batteries, one small detail is often overlooked, that is, the battery contacts. Because the contacts of various brand-name real cellphone batteries are mostly annealed, they should be matte rather than shiny, so based on this, the authenticity of cellphone batteries can be preliminarily determined.

In addition, we must carefully observe the color of the contacts. The contacts of fake mobile phone batteries are often made of copper, so its color is red or whitish, while the real mobile phone battery should be this pure golden yellow and reddish. Or it may be fake.

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