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How to prevent battery bulging and prolong life?

1. First, when buying an electric car or battery, please choose a regular brand manufacturer. The current battery market is fiercely competitive, and the products of large companies and brands are relatively guaranteed in terms of manufacturing level and production technology.

2. Check the battery regularly

The battery is a consumable product. The longer the riding time, the longer the mileage, and the life will gradually decrease. If you pay attention to maintenance, regular inspections, and deal with problems in time, the battery life will be increased.

3. Please deal with the bulge in time

If the battery is swollen, please repair it or replace it with a new battery. On the one hand, the battery performance will decrease. As a car owner, you will also find that the electric car is not able to do what you want. In addition, the charging process is extremely dangerous. So check the battery regularly and observe Whether the battery is operating normally.

4. Replacing electric vehicles

If the battery is swollen, it is very dangerous to continue to use it. In addition to regular inspection and timely handling, it is also a very good method to replace the swollen battery. You can find out whether there is a smart switch cabinet in your city, and find a nearby smart switch cabinet to replace the battery. This is the most economical and safe way.

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