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What aspects should be paid attention to when distinguishing counterfeit batteries?

According to experts, the following aspects should be paid attention to when distinguishing counterfeit batteries:

1. The length of standby time. The length of battery standby time is an important indicator of the quality of the battery. The standby time of a high-quality battery should be basically the same as that indicated on the manual. The fake ones are only half the mark time. Some inferior batteries are assembled with second-hand battery cores and new packaging.

2. Battery capacity. The capacity of mobile phone batteries is generally 1000 mAh/hour or 1000 mAh. Some fake and inferior batteries have no capacity mark at all, and there are marks and the handwriting is unclear. By measuring the battery current, the authenticity of the battery can be distinguished.

3. Security. If there is no protection circuit inside the mobile phone battery, it is extremely easy to deform, leak, or even explode. Many inferior batteries have removed this circuit protection board in order to attract consumers at low prices to make greater profits.

Poor quality batteries are potentially dangerous. The mobile phone uses the original battery, which is the most important item to ensure safety. In addition, high temperature will increase the heat of the battery, which is easy to explode at this time, so when charging the battery or placing the phone, be sure to choose a place away from high temperatures and prevent direct sunlight in summer. Some people modify their mobile phones, but improper modification may cause the phone to explode. The mobile phone is a kind of sophisticated communication equipment. When designing, the manufacturer will strictly verify its safety and the performance is also the best. However, all this will change after modification, which may cause the mobile phone to explode.

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