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Are cylindrical lithium-ion batteries really safe?

1) Good monomer consistency. The consistency of cylindrical lithium-ion batteries means that the initial performance indicators of the single cells used in the group are consistent, including: capacitance, impedance, electrical characteristics of the electrodes, temperature characteristics, decay speed, etc.

2) The mechanical properties of the monomer are better. Compared with the square and soft-pack batteries, the closed cylinder can obtain the highest bending strength under the approximate size.

3) The technology is mature and the production cost is low, but at the same time, the space for cost optimization has been consumed almost.

4) The monomer energy is small, and the form is easy to control in the event of an accident, but this is also becoming the reason for its replacement.

Cylindrical batteries and square batteries are currently the two mainstream directions in the industry. The positive and negative electrodes of the cylindrical lithium-ion battery are separated by a separator, and the core is formed by winding. Normally, the positive and negative pole pieces are welded with positive and negative pole lugs and lead out through both sides respectively. The tabs are welded to the positive and negative housings. The electrolyte is filled in the shell. Under normal circumstances, cylindrical lithium-ion batteries cannot be made too large due to the current density of the core and the limitation of heat dissipation.

Cylindrical lithium-ion battery has simple structure design, close positive and negative interface, mature production line, low cost, good heat dissipation in groups, and excellent safety performance. The disadvantage is that the internal resistance is relatively high, and the grouping requirements are high. Turning back to talk about 18650 cylindrical lithium-ion batteries, this kind of ancient battery that is often attacked by various cottage mobile power manufacturers, is still widely used in various electronic devices, such as mobile power. In fact, in high-end applications, such as professional imaging equipment and notebook batteries, 18650 has always been the main role. The large-scale application of Tesla electric vehicles has enhanced the high-security image of this lithium-ion battery.

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