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Can Li-ion battery chargers be mixed?

The Charger must be dedicated for special vehicles, and what type of lithium-ion battery needs to match what Charger. If the current is too high, it will cause the active material of the plate to fall off, causing the battery to be undercharged; if it is too low, the battery will not be able to receive effective charging, which will cause the battery to be undercharged; if the voltage is too high and overcharge, the current will exceed itself The ability to bear the battery will cause the battery to swell; it will extend the charging time of the battery and cause the battery to swell;

There are currently two types of lead-acid batteries and lithium-ion batteries on the market. These two types of chargers cannot be mixed, or the battery will be directly scrapped. Because the charging mode of the lithium-ion battery charger and the lead-acid battery charger are different. Lithium-ion batteries are charged with constant current and voltage, and lead-acid is charged in three stages.

Electric vehicle chargers cannot be mixed, and the voltages of the two are different. Lithium and lead-acid chargers are best to use the original electric vehicle, the mismatch will cause more damage to the battery, and easily cause safety hazards.

Precautions for the use of lithium-ion battery chargers for electric vehicles

1. Do not change the original lithium-ion battery charger at will. The charger parameters of different models are basically different, and the replacement will cause damage to the car body.

2. Don't buy low-cost and low-quality chargers. The FANs of low-quality chargers do not dissipate heat well and easily cause short circuits.

3. The charger should not be violently bumped. Strong vibration may cause the potentiometer inside the charger to drift, causing the charger to charge abnormally and even cause an accident.

4. Pay attention to the charging environment, overheating will overcharge, and too cold will undercharge.

5. No items are covered on the charger. The heat dissipation of the charger is helpful for charging safety and the life of the lithium-ion battery charger.

Lithium-ion battery chargers are specially designed to charge lithium-ion batteries. Lithium-ion batteries have higher requirements for chargers and need to protect circuits. Therefore, lithium-ion battery chargers usually have higher control precision and can charge lithium-ion batteries with constant current and voltage.

Lithium-ion batteries have high energy-to-weight ratio and energy-to-volume ratio, no memory effect, can be recharged many times, longer service life, and lower prices. These characteristics of lithium-ion batteries have promoted the development of portable products in a smaller and lighter direction, making more and more products using single-cell lithium-ion batteries for power supply.

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