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How to get along with lithium-ion batteries

1. Buy reliable products

First of all, the battery must choose the product produced by the regular manufacturer, and the friends do not want to pay for the quality of the battery itself!

2. Take care

Try not to bump or puncture with sharp objects, and also try to prevent high and low temperatures. If the battery is found to be damaged or swollen, do not use it again.

The discharge performance of lithium-ion batteries in winter is significantly reduced. At low temperatures, the internal crystallization may occur and the barrier may be pierced during charging. Therefore, it is recommended that lithium-ion batteries be used in winter to keep the battery warm, and it is recommended to recover first when used in cold environments. Recharge at room temperature.

3. Treat it like it's going to explode

Although qualified lithium-ion batteries are not that risky, we still advocate that we should be more cautious with batteries. When charging, try to be guarded, turn off the power as soon as possible when fully charged, and stay away from combustibles when charging the battery.

What if it blows up?

1. Lithium ion battery cannot be rescued by dry powder rescuer if it catches fire

Due to the spontaneous combustion and explosion inside the battery, the use of dry powder rescuer will not be effective at this time, and the best way is to use a lot of water to cool down.

(Just like when the power bank carried by a passenger of China Southern Airlines flight CZ3539 caught fire, did the stewardess suppress the danger with a bottle of water? That's the truth!)

2. Do not attempt to move electronic equipment that burns or emits smoke to prevent serious personal injury.

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