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What are the misunderstandings of mobile phone lithium battery charging

Misunderstandings about mobile phone battery charging

Misunderstanding of mobile phone charging: a new battery needs to be fully charged and discharged several times to activate

Lu Jianguo, director of the Comprehensive Inspection Department of the National Household Appliances Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the National Home Appliance Research Institute of my country, told reporters that different battery products require different methods to charge, and they must be used in accordance with the product instructions. Early nickel-cadmium batteries and nickel-metal hydride batteries should be similarly activated. These batteries will have a memory effect. Charging in an incompletely discharged state can easily cause the battery to be overcharged. After a long time, users will feel that the battery will run out quickly. However, most of the batteries used in mobile phones and laptops are lithium-ion batteries. Its initialization process has been completed at the time of manufacture, so do not activate it when you start using it.

Mobile phone charging misunderstanding 2: reducing the number of charging can extend battery life

Generally, the life of a lithium-ion battery can reach hundreds of charge-discharge cycles. The charge-discharge cycle here refers to the process of recharging the battery after it has been used up, rather than plugging in the Charger and unplugging it once. Lithium-ion batteries have no memory effect and can be charged at any time. In order to reduce the number of recharges, deliberately using up the battery before fully recharging it will not extend the battery life, but will have a negative impact on the battery life. In addition, if the mobile phone is automatically turned off, the internal voltage of the lithium-ion battery will be too low due to over-discharge, and it may not be able to turn on and charge. Therefore, the charging of lithium-ion batteries pays attention to eating less and more meals, and frequent shallow charging and discharging are more helpful to prolong its life.

Misunderstanding three of mobile phone charging: overcharging will cause the battery to explode

Lithium-ion batteries generally have a safety protection circuit and a variety of safety devices to ensure that the circuit of the battery is automatically cut off in the event of excessive charging and discharging and short circuit; too high internal pressure of the battery will trigger the decompression of the exhaust device; too high battery temperature will trigger Thermal fuse protection device to stop the electrochemical reaction of the battery. Therefore, unless there is a quality problem, the battery will not explode due to being plugged in for a long time. However, if the battery is not unplugged after being fully charged, the battery will remain fully charged. Although it will not explode, it will speed up the loss of battery capacity.


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