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Why use polymer batteries for mobile power?

[Mobile power battery] The advantages of polymer battery compared to 18650 battery Why do mobile power choose polymer battery?

1. What is a polymer battery

The polymer battery is a new type of high-density lithium battery that uses colloidal polymer as the electrolyte. It can be made into batteries of various shapes and capacities according to product needs. The minimum thickness can reach 0.5mm, and there is no charge memory effect.

Second, what are the advantages of polymer batteries compared to 18650 batteries

1. The 18650 battery is an ordinary lithium battery, which uses a liquid electrolyte, while the polymer battery uses a gel electrolyte, so there will be no leakage;

2. The polymer battery has high density and strong plasticity. It can be made into any shape according to the requirements of the mobile power supply, and the mobile power supply of equal capacity is lighter and thinner;

3. When the 18650 battery is overcharged or short-circuited, it may cause the mobile power to explode, but the polymer battery will not.

Third, why use polymer batteries for mobile power

After talking about the advantages of polymer batteries, it is not difficult to understand that mobile power sources made of polymer batteries can be lighter, thinner, portable, and safer than exploding. For consumers, manufacturers will definitely choose polymer batteries.


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