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80 million to build new energy industrial park 1 billion building intelligent workshop

In the morning of March 30th, the 2018 level city investment project centralized signing ceremony was held on the theme of "new kinetic energy new weather" as the theme. The 24 projects concentrated on the contract and total investment of 30 billion 600 million yuan. At the same time, the high profile started the "goose return project" and called for the return of foreign tourists to the hometown.

It is understood that the 24 projects of the centralized contract cover modern equipment, high-end new materials, fine chemicals, cultural tourism, intelligent agriculture, biological medicine and other fields, of which 2 are invested over 5 billion yuan, 7 of 10 to 3 billion yuan and 9 for 5 to 1 billion yuan. In the high-end new materials industry, the new energy industrial park project, which has invested 8 billion yuan, will be based on the unique advantage of the flat graphite reserves in the national 1/3, and will make new energy batteries and new energy electric vehicles by stages. In the fields of modern equipment and fine chemical industry, the New River Green Industrial Park project, which has invested 2 billion yuan, will build a modern environment friendly preparation production area and R & D center, and the China power smart accessories manufacturing project and the local enterprise Panshi group jointly invest 1 billion yuan, and the new and old kinetic energy conversion will be implemented, which will create a "intelligent workshop and a digital chemical factory that will make money." "To make it a demonstration project of intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and Internet of things factory in Shandong special equipment industry.

On the scene, the person in charge of Shenzhen love sson group said: "we are optimistic about the high level of the industrial base and the superior investment environment, and are full of confidence in the future development." This time they invested 3 billion 500 million yuan to build the high end equipment Industrial Park of the love energy, the heat pump (North) Research Institute and the heat pump production base will be set up. After the completion of the park, the total output value of the park will be 20 billion yuan.

"Pingdu wanderer, your hometown calls you to go home and start a business." It has a long history and a large number of talents. In this event, Pingdu City held the launching ceremony of "the goose return project", and sent a high profile to the home and abroad for the invitations to return home. "I would like to lead goose goose to engineering, with practical action to help the development of their hometown."
Industry promotion, planning first. Based on industrial and development advantages, Pingdu City has built a "4+2" industrial system. "4" is the four pillar industries of electrical appliances, food and beverage, chemical rubber and mechanical manufacturing. "2" is the two new industries of high-end new materials and modern equipment. The 24 projects that have just been signed are Pingdu's strong new kinetic energy that is injected in accordance with industry oriented investment and investment for modern industrial system.

In recent years, Pingdu has made great efforts to build the business environment of "the first and the first class" in the province, so that the quality projects will be settled. In December 2017, the first administrative examination and approval Bureau of Shandong province was running on a flat board. The 164 items of approval in the 22 departments were included, and the investment facilitation process was further optimized. This year's new year's day, Pingdu Municipal Committee issued "eleven opinions on innovation and investment promotion mechanism" with document No. 1, attracting investment and showing "accelerated run" trend.

At the beginning of the year, the six major industries, such as chemical rubber, aeronautical railway and modern logistics, emerging industries, automobile and equipment manufacturing, financial industry and electrical appliances and electronics, were set up in the new year. At this meeting, the Deputy Secretary of the municipal Party committee of the municipal Party committee and Li Hu, the mayor of the city, became the licensing of the industry department, indicating that the newly formed 6 major industrial and industrial departments have been formally put into operation.

Transformation of new and old energy is the only way to achieve high quality development. For us, it is not only a major political responsibility, but also a major development opportunity. Zhang Jie, Secretary of the Pingdu municipal Party committee, said that Pingdu will seize the historical opportunities for the province and Qingdao to fully expand the new and old kinetic energy conversion projects, to create a first-class business environment, to serve the enterprise, to make a strong breakthrough in investment and project construction, and to do a good job of the old and new kinetic energy conversion.


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