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This is really environmental protection! Renewable energy processing for BMW batteries

Electric vehicles have always been regarded as a representative of energy saving and emission reduction. However, electric vehicles achieve zero emissions during use, but the processing process, especially the processing of batteries, consumes a lot of energy, so electric vehicles must be more environmentally friendly during processing. A few days ago, the German car manufacturer BMW Group stated that in the future, its electric cars will use batteries processed with renewable energy.

According to foreign media information, BMW CEO Oliver Zipse (Oliver Zipse) mentioned in a recent interview that BMW has signed an agreement with battery manufacturers, and relevant suppliers will only use green energy to process new generation batteries for supply. Used by BMW.

In 2019, BMW ordered batteries worth more than 10 billion euros (approximately RMB 79.1 billion) from Chinese battery manufacturers Ningde Times and Samsung SDI. BMW and CATL’s battery order is 7.3 billion euros (approximately RMB 57.8 billion), and the contract period is from 2020 to 2031; the order with Samsung SDI is 2.9 billion euros (approximately RMB 22.9 billion), and the contract supply time From 2021 to 2031.

BMW's electrification process is developing rapidly. In 2020, BMW will launch the BMW iX3, and plans to launch iNEXT and BMW i4 next year. According to the plan, the BMW Group plans to expand its new energy product line to 25 models by 2023, half of which are pure electric vehicles. To this end, CATL is building a battery processing plant in Erfurt, Germany, and is expected to achieve an annual output of 60GWh in 2026.

BMW said that with the increase in production and sales of BMW electric vehicles, the use of green energy will reduce about 10 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions in the next ten years, which is equivalent to the annual carbon dioxide emissions of a city with more than 1 million residents. .


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