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Important achievements in lithium-ion battery materials

(1) A new type of new cathode material is developed through breakthroughs in key technologies such as the synthesis of cobalt-nickel-manganese hydroxide precursor, lithium iron phosphate nano-ization, lithium iron phosphate iron site doping, lithium iron phosphate coated carbon and lithium manganate surface layer modification, etc. Developed low-cobalt and high-capacity lithium-cobalt-nickel-manganese oxide ternary cathode materials, lithium iron phosphate cathode materials, and modified lithium manganese oxide cathode materials. Power small batteries, small power lithium-ion batteries for light electric vehicles and lithium-ion power lithium-ion batteries for new energy vehicles. The breakthrough in new cathode material technology has laid a solid foundation for the development of my country's small-scale lithium-ion battery industry and the development of the power lithium-ion battery industry. The new cathode material has an annual output of 50,000 tons, which not only meets the needs of domestic battery companies, but also becomes an important supplier to the international market.

(2) The new type of anode material takes high-capacity, high-power nanocomposite anode material as an important research and development goal, and uses the nanoscale effect of the material to develop an in-situ composite nano-micro composite anode material with a capacity of 600mAh/g, which is approximately 1.8 times of the existing commercial anode materials, and the capacity decay is less than 20% after 500 cycles. It is used to assemble 35Ah high-power batteries with a power density of up to 1500W/kg, and the energy density of 18650 and 3450 batteries is 238Wh/kg. And showed good circulation. A production line with an annual output of 110 tons of high-performance anode materials has been built, including 20 tons of carbon nanotubes/carbon nanofibers, 60 tons of nanoporous hard carbon balls, and 30 tons of Lantern structure anodes.

(3) The new electrolyte and diaphragm materials have broken through the new generation of lithium salt-bis(fluorosulfonimide) lithium conductive materials for power lithium-ion batteries. The synthesis method and preparation and purification technology of lithium conductive materials have developed secondary lithium (ion) batteries. The use of low-viscosity ionic liquid electrolyte materials has made my country the second country to successfully master the preparation technology of this material besides Japan. Mastered the production technology of lithium hexafluorophosphate electrolyte lithium salt, formed a thousand-ton/year demonstration production of lithium hexafluorophosphate, and realized large-scale production. The single-layer diaphragm technology has been successfully industrialized and applied to mobile phone batteries in batches, breaking the monopoly of a few countries, and the composite diaphragm technology has also achieved initial breakthroughs. The breakthrough of new electrolyte and diaphragm materials has solved my country's long-term dependence on imports, and can effectively promote the steady and healthy development of my country's power lithium-ion batteries, electric vehicles and other related industries.


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