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Tiangong-1 safely arrived at "destination"

Tiangong-1 completed its mission to return to the earth in April 2nd and fell to the Atlantic in accordance with the predetermined setting, and the western media had a variety of degrading comments and criticisms of the matter. Why did the United States have not? Isn't it discriminatory! As the existing Chinese high-speed rail has already exceeded the Western imagination, now Chinese technology has changed.

The Chinese public has deep feelings for Tiangong-1. Some people call it "go home". Tiangong-1 is the first experimental space station built by the Chinese people. It has been docked with 3 Shenzhou ships and accepted two batches of Chinese astronauts. It has accumulated valuable experience for the future China to build a larger and more advanced space station No. two.

Some foreign media have some security concerns about Tiangong-1's uncontrolled re-entry into the atmosphere, which is understandable. But some western media's analysis has lost professionalism and become full of emotional hype. In their description, the falling Tiangong-1 is a major threat to human beings on the ground, and it's not a bit too much if everyone cares about falling Chinese spacecraft.

Scientists know that the falling process of an artificial spacecraft will be burned out of a large portion of the atmosphere by friction with the atmosphere, and the probability of falling into the densely populated area of the unburned part is extremely low. They figurated that the probability that a man was hit by the wreckage of an artificial spacecraft was approximately one of the tens of millions of his probability of being broken by thunder, or one in one million of the probability of his great lottery.

Of course, as long as probability is not zero, there is. But one obvious tendency is that the western mainstream media, which has the ability to influence the world, seems particularly interested in the very low probability of the drop in the Chinese Tiangong-1. They use key words such as "out of control" "toxic substances" and "risk" to outline the falling of Tiangong-1.

Those media did not "rumor", but they mobilize and mislead people's attention and emotions which are far from the event itself. These are the skills of "objective" Western media. There are often man-made spacecraft crashes around the world, including the US sky laboratory, which has lost out of control and nearly 80 tons of quality, but the most dangerous of course is made in China.

It's interesting to see China from western media for so many years. For example, China's economy is almost "collapsing" and rising to be the second largest in the world. China has become a network power with the Internet generation taking the responsibility of "pulling down China". In addition, China's high-speed rail is "dangerous" to become the main force of China's railway transportation.

The western media is a mirror of China, but it is more and more like a mirror. It presents to us and the world public a deformed China.

But then, as long as China does well in its own way, the western media has some unpleasant reports, which is nothing to be afraid of. Because China's economy depends on them. Besides, there are more and more patriotism on the Internet in China, rather than less and less.

This time, the fall of Tiangong-1 is also the same. It follows the natural law of the universe and is not controlled by the western media.

The influence of Western media is still very large, and constantly shaping the world to see one thing. However, some western media people become abnormal in China, which seriously affects their quality of telling Chinese stories. In fact, the concept of "Western media", like a spacecraft, is gradually consuming its energy and falling down towards the falling orbit.


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