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UK L575
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UK L575(图1)

Product name: 4 slots 1.2VAA/AAA LCD charger

Product model: DP-UK L575 (4 slots 1.2VAA/AAA LCD charger)

Input: DC 5V/2A

Input: DC 5V/1.3A

Charging voltage: DC 1.48V±0.05V

Charging current: AA/AAA 350mA±50mA*4;

Rechargeable battery capacity: 500mA or more

Power: 5W

Product weight: 67g

Size (mm): 73*77.2*24.5 (L/W/H)

Charging light status: When the battery is fully charged, the charger stops outputting, and the corresponding battery icon is always on.

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